Sept 1, 2018 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

 New NCAA Fight Rule Hits Snag: NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel puts approval on hold until NCAA Rules Committee can answer questions about player ejections.

 NCAA Speed-Up Rule Denied: NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel rejects new proposal that would have cut down the time of games.

• Ken Ravizza Passes Away: Possibly the greatest sports psychologist in history will be missed a great deal by everyone in baseball.  

• Keeping Soldiers Safe: Ken Ravizza not only helped athletes in many different sports, but he worked with helping Army troops keep their focus during grueling 16-hour missions. Many of these techniques are the same he used for baseball players.

• Special Rundown On Summer Baseball: Collegiate Baseball takes an in-depth look at college summer teams that captured titles along with top players.

• Lou Pavlovich Column: Former Connecticut Head Coach Andy Baylock defies science at the golden age of 80 as he still throws batting practice with over 2 million pitches. 

• USA Baseball Summer Teams: Collegiate Baseball takes a look at how different national baseball teams did over the summer of 2018.

• Editorial: NCAA Oversight Panel made a poor decision in not having 20-second play clock with men on base as well as not having 2 play clocks for contests.

• New High School Rules: National Federation of State High School Associations’ Baseball Rules Committee announces rules for next season.

• $1 Million Gift To Texas: Jason and Justin McMinn commit big money toward University of Texas baseball program’s new development facility.

 Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: How about this amazing triple play in pro baseball?

 Largest Video Board In College Baseball: LSU will unveil massive structure that measures 71.4 feet wide by 37.8 feet high for 2019 season.

 Dave Keilitz Inducted Into Michigan Hall Of FameSpecial honor given to legendary figure as he is inducted with Kalamazoo native and former New York Yankee Derek Jeter .

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