Jan 4, 2019 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• Special 2019 College Preview Section: CB takes a look at all the top teams as well as players on every level of college baseball in 36-page section. 

• NCAA Div. I Fabulous 40 Pre-Season Poll: Entire top 40 poll listed along with teams receiving votes, plus in-depth rundown on each of the top 40 ranked teams in the nation.

• NCAA Div. I Conference Races, Top Players: In-depth look at how every conference race in 2019 is expected to unfold, last year’s finishes for each team, what their 2018 NCAA RPI ratings were, projected Pitchers and Players of The Year in each league and a rundown of the top players on each team.

• NCAA Div. I Collegiate Baseball Pre-Season All-Americans: 81 first, second and third team pre-season All-Americans are featured heading into 2019 season. 

• 2019 Draft Preview: Here are the top 80 draft eligible college players in the nation who have a chance of being picked in the first three rounds of next June’s MLB Draft.

• NCAA Div. II Top Players To Watch: Pre-Season All-Americans, Players To Watch and Newcomers To Watch are listed in this special rundown.

• NCAA Div. II Pre-Season Top 40: The top 40 teams in the nation and others receiving votes are listed. A special in-depth rundown on the top 25 NCAA Div. II teams in the nation are listed.

• NCAA Div. III Top Players To Watch: Collegiate Baseball takes a look at the top players at each position across the USA.

• NCAA Div. III Pre-Season Top 40: The top 40 teams in the nation and others receiving votes are listed. A special in-depth rundown on each of the top 20 NCAA Div. III teams in the USA are listed.

• NAIA’s Top Players: 2019 Pre-Season All-Americans listed along with Players To Watch at every position.

• NAIA Pre-Season Top 25: Top 25 teams in the nation and others receiving votes are listed. In addition, CB does takes an in-depth look at the top 15 NAIA teams in the USA.

• Top Junior College Players Across USA: Exclusive list of top community college players across nation listed at each position.

• NJCAA Div. I Top 20 Poll. Coaches pick top 20 teams going into 2019 season as CB does an in-depth analysis on each of the top 10 teams in the nation.

• NJCAA Div. II Top 20: Coaches pick top 20 teams heading into 2019 as CB examines top 5 teams with in-depth analysis.

 NJCAA Div. III Top 10: Coaches pick top 10 teams in nation as CB examines each of the top 5 teams.

• California Junior College Pre-Season All-Americans: California coaches honor amazing players heading into 2019 season.

• California J.C. Top 20 For Northern, Southern Areas: Coaches pick top teams in each area as CB does in-depth analysis on top 5 teams in each area.

• Northwest J.C. Top 10: Coaches determine pre-season top 10 teams going into 2019 as CB examines top 5 Northwest JCs.

• Mike Martin Has Seen It All In Amazing Career: Florida St. skipper delves into the wild situations he has been involved with as he only needs 13 more victories to be the first college coach in any sport to collect 2,000 wins.

• 2018 National Pitching Coach Of The Year: Stetson Pitching Coach Dave Therneau leads a remarkable pitching staff to high achievements last season, including leading the nation in shutouts, strikeouts, saves, ERA and fewest hits allowed per nine innings. His superb system is explained in detail.

• Overcoming Terrible Injuries: North Carolina Central outfielder Mitchell McCrary undergoes labrum surgeries on both shoulders and then is hit in the jaw with a 90 mph fastball as the impact causes three fractures in his jaw as his mouth is wired shut for a month and a half. 

• Hitting Balls Harder In Games: Perry Husband gives his cheat codes to unlocking more ball exit velocity with swings.

• Upcoming Instructional Clinics: Quality clinics are slated across the USA in January.

• Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Catcher’s interference can be an interesting study.

• Hall Of Famer Irish O’Reilly Dies: Incredible coach, person passes away at the age of 75.  

• Final Tribute To Ken Ravizza: Collegiate Baseball explains his breathing techniques which can help control high stress situations in games.

Instructional Clinic By John Luedtke: Verbal hitting cues can be helpful when teaching different concepts.

• Arizona State’s Amazing Bobby Winkles: Discipline was vital to this Hall of Fame skipper, yet he always was a man who would help his players any way he could.

• Jack Dunn Column: Learning breaks, leads on base paths is vital to winning baseball.

• Charlie Greene Column: Fear of change stymies pitching development on all levels of game.

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