Feb. 26, 2016 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?Feb 26 2016 Page 1

• Special Report On Brain Training For Pitchers: Tim Nicely explains a system that may revolutionize the way pitchers train so that visual information can be processed more efficiently.

• Training For Velocity: Ron Wolforth explains that in-depth assessment is needed for pitchers before embarking on a stressful velocity improvement program.

• Incredible High School Program: Parkview H.S. in Georgia utilizes a remarkable system that covers every possible element of development even down to kids who are 8 years old who ultimately attend this highly successful school.

• Secret Service Comes CallingBilly Sommers of McNeese St. forgoes his final year of eligibility to train with the Secret Service.

• Editorial: Coaches have an incredibly difficult job when you factor in everything they do and put up with.

• College Notes: Tabor’s Manny DeLeon hits .519 as he belts 3 homers, 5 doubles and knocks in 19 runs over first 7 games.

• Thomas Alston Column:  Great leaders must have a specific skill set.

• Jack Dunn Column: Here’s why catchers receive silent treatment during ball games..

High School News: CB lists more elite 2016 high school teams across the USA.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Fasten your seat belt for baseball rule book wild ride.

• Tom Kovic Column: Here are the nuts and bolts of trying to play for an Ivy League school.

• Jerry Weinstein Column: Quantify your throwing by counting video frames.

• Charlie Greene Column: When bunt is expected, try this defensive tactic.

• Brian Cain Column: Ryan Cameron explains what mental hurdles must be overcome to be a successful pitcher.

• Andy McKay Column: True competition is like a knife fight in a phone booth.

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