Feb. 10, 2023 Collegiate Baseball

What’s In This Issue?

• 18 Foreign Players Flock To Roswell, NM: Great athletes from 8 countries play for New Mexico Military Institute as Head Coach Chris Cook does an amazing recruiting job. 

• Baseball Banned For Over 100 Years In Town: Game is now being taught to kids in Hildale, Utah after leader of FLDS church, Warren Jeffs, sentenced to life in prison. Amazing 69-year-old coach, John Zeller, travels 2,254 miles to help young men in need.

• It’s Time To Blow Up The Strike Zone: Rule book definition has caused enough trouble for coaches, players and umpires. CB editorial has a plan that will help alleviate consistency with strike zones and substantially reduce ejections. 

Lou Pavlovich Column: There was once a time with Jay Bergman’s ball clubs played in a notorious maximum security prison against inmates. 

• Dynamics Of Change In Game: Special story points out change can be good or bad depending on if it will help players by Mark Leiter, Charlie Hayes and E. Duke Dickerson.

Ruleball With Rich Marazzi: Can runner change path and interfere with a throw? The answer is fascinating.

• Jack Dunn Coaching Tips: The silent treatment doesn’t work. When errant is pitch thrown, catcher must receive help!

Adam Sarancik: Is technology the correct answer for everything in the game of baseball?

• Brown Takes Amazing Trip To Dominican Republic: Student-athletes visit orphanage as they visit kids who were homeless or lived there permanently with some having physical or developmental disabilities. Brown also played games as well in this amazing country, plus much more.

• World Class Groundskeeper: Nobody did it better than the famous George Toma as Collegiate Baseball explores wild situations in MLB baseball in special Q&A session.

• Steve Janssen: You must know motor preferences before training.

• The Art Of Catching: Brent Mayne delves into all areas of being a successful catcher in powerful Q&A session with Collegiate Baseball.

• Second Time NCAA Div. I Transfers Will Be Scrutinized: In unanimous vote by NCAA Div. I Council, Student-athletes must meet strict criteria before being allowed to transfer another time.

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